What is programming languages? Types of programming languages.

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Introduction of Programming language:-

A programming language is a notation designed to connect instructions to a machine or a computer. A programming language is an artificial language that can be used to instruct a computer to perform a particular task. Although there are many computer languages, relatively few are widel used.

Types of languages:-
Now we talk about Types of programming Languages,There are many types of coding language but we will discuss about most usable language

1. Python Language
2. C language
3. C++ language
4. Java language
5. Pascal language
6. Fortran language
7. Perl language
8. Php language
9. Lisp language
10.Html language
11.Ruby language
languages,programming languages
 Top programming language in world:-

 Description:-

1. Python:-

Python is an general purpose programming language.
Python is a most valuable language in all programming languages, Compared to “C” language, Python makes the shortest program. Python is also used for create web application, It is also used for convert the big data & complex programming into the short & simple programming.

Where/who did it start:– python was developed in 1980 by CWI in the Netherlands and release in 1991.Python is designed by “guido van rossum”.

python language

2. Java:-

Java is a high-level programming language .Java is one of the most popular and widely used programming language and platform.It is used in almost every Fortune 500 companies.

Where/who did it start:- java was developed in 1990 at sun Micro systems & release in 1995. Java is designed by “james gosling”.

3. C Language :-

C is a general-purpose, procedural computer programming language supporting structured programming. The main features of C language include low-level access to memory, a simple set of keywords, these features make C language suitable for system programmings like an operating system or compiler development.

Where/who did it start:- C was developed in 1972 in USA. C language is designed by “Dennis Ritchie”& “ken Thompson”.

4. C++:-

C++ is a general-purpose programming language. It can be used to develop operating systems. This means that the focus is on objects and manipulations around these objects. C++ source code split into a header & source files.

Where/who did it start:- C++ was developed in 1988 in Denmark . This language is designed by “Bjarne stroustrup”.

5. Pascal:-

Pascal is a reliable and efficient programming language.It is widely used to teach programming techniques. Most C programs can be translated into Pascal with syntactical. Pascal is a strong static safe type system for rogramming.

Where/who did it start:- pascal was developed in 1970 in Switzerland. Pascal is designed by “Niklaus wirth”.

6. HTML:-

Html is also used for create web pages & application .Html also provides a basic structure forthe page , which cascading style sheets are useful for change the size.

HTML-Hyper text markup language(HTML)
Where /who did it start:- Html was developed in 1990 in Switzerland.

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Types of jammer, specifications, working, advantages- All about jammer

What is Jammer?Specifications of jammer.

jammer picture simple

Hello guys today we have a post about Jammer, jammer is a jamming device of networks.

What is Jammer?


• A mobile phone jammer or blocker is a device which deliberately transmits signals on the same radio frequencies as mobile phones .
• This is used for block the radio waves by phone.
• The jammer is invented by james Maxwell.
• The mobile phone signals are disabled in a location if the mobile jammer is enabled.
• Working of jammer:-
• Blocking single callers can be an annoying time waster. Cell phone jammers remove that annoyance by blocking all incoming calls at once.
• This process might seem complicated but it’s actually fairly simple. They release a signal that is at the same frequency as a cell phone’s signal. The jammer then broadcasts that signal out to the world. If it’s successful, cell phones will no longer receive signals in a particular location.
• There are several reasons people use jammers. Business owners may want to block their employee’s cell signals to prevent workplace distractions or interruptions during meetings.

Types of jammer’s:-
1. mobile communication jammer
2. wi-fi jammer
3. Gps jammer
4. Dictaphone and vedio bug jammer
5. Rf jammer
6. Anti-drone solution
7. Universal jammer

Types of jammer devices by particular areas:-
1. Remote control mobile jammer
2. Adjustable mobile jammer
3. School &college mobile jammer
4. Police & military mobile jammer
5. Portable mobile jammer

• Advantage of jammer:-

1. The pocket jamming devices have smaller range as in comparison to large sized cell phone jammer.
2. The device is also helpful in prevention of terrorist actions by blocking signals of a mobile phone.
3. The jammer can prevent students from cheating in exam.

Disadvantage of jammer:-
1. The cell phone jammers are bad for people’s health.
2. In device is requires the special hardware.
3. This device cost is high for poor people.

What is digital marketing? Benifits of digital marketing

Digital marketing refers to online advertising  of products by website , Search engine optimization , Social media marketing , graphics designing , email marketing etc.

Now We Will focus on main part of digital marketing.

what is digital marketing?

Website Development

Website is the most important component of each brand`s marketing plan. It’s the central hub for brand`s messaging and content marketing efforts. All your services are put in your website to engage traffic to your website.

Get an online face for your business which empowers you to show your services & products and connects you with your targeted audience easily.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is the process of getting traffic from the free , organic, editorial or “natural” search results on search engines .

Search engine optimization is main tool of digital marketing which helps you in driving the best quality traffic to your website and also help you in lower down your Customer Acquisition Cost.

The main goal of Search engine optimization (SEO) is to increase the site’s usability without paid advertisements, so that you can bring the right people in from the search engine.SEO can be considered as a complete framework since the whole process has a number of rules (or guidelines), a number of stages and a set of controls.
what is digital marketing seo

Social Media Marketing(SMM)

Social media marketing(SMM) is a form of digital marketing that involves creating and sharing content on social media networks(Facebook, LinkedIn,Instagram,Twitter,Whatsapp etc.)  in order to achieve your marketing and branding goals. … With these tips, you can begin developing your own social media marketing expert plan.

Every business owner requires an effective and reliable social media marketing, which generates sales, exposure and an opportunity to offer desired success rate.

Graphics Design

Graphic design is the art of creating visual content to communicate messages, By applying visual hierarchy and page layout techniques, graphic designers use typography and pictures to meet users’ specific needs and focus on the logic of displaying elements in interactive designs to optimize the user experience.

Benifits of Graphics Design

  • Freedom to express your imagination. …
  • Learning new techniques and skills. …
  • Chance to meet new designers. …
  • Improve your social skills. …
  • Opportunity to work with reputable companies. …
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Ms excel shortkeys

We can always use a few shortcuts to save our important time. Here are total useful keyboard shortcuts to speed up your work in microsoft Excel. Excel shortcut keys can greatly improve your speed when conducting analysis. But often, it can be hard to remember these hotkeys — especially if you regularly switch between the Mac and PC versions of Excel.
Here are shortcut keys of Microsoft excel, So you can improve your knowledge with tuetotechni.
Follow following short keys to save your time.
Happy excelling!!

ms excel short keys from tuetotechni
“90” /> tuetotechni #msexcel short keys

Ctrl+ASelect all
contents of a worksheet.
Ctrl+BBold all cells in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+DFill Content of the selected cell
on top to bottom. CTRL + D (i.e. Ctrl+ Down)
Ctrl+FSearch current sheet.
Ctrl+GGo to a certain area.
Ctrl+HFind and Replace
Ctrl+IPuts italics on all cells in the
highlighted section.
Ctrl+KInserts a hyperlink.
Ctrl+PPrint the current sheet.
Ctrl+RFill Right.
Ctrl+SSaves the open worksheet.
Ctrl+UUnderlines all cells in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+VPastes everything copied onto
the clipboard.
Ctrl+WCloses the current workbook.
Ctrl+XCuts all cells within the
highlighted section.
Ctrl+YRepeats the last entry.
Ctrl+ZUndo the last action.
Ctrl+1Changes the format of the selected cells.
Ctrl+2Bolds all cells in the
highlighted section.
Ctrl+3Puts italics all cells in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+4Underlines all cells in
highlighted section.
Ctrl+5Puts a strikethrough all
cells in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+6Shows or hides objects.
Ctrl+7Shows or hides the toolbar.
Ctrl+8Toggles the outline symbols.
Ctrl+9Hides rows.
Ctrl+0Hides columns.
Ctrl+;Enters the current date.
Ctrl+`Changes between displaying cell values or formulas in
the worksheet.
Ctrl+’Copies a formula from the
cell above.
Ctrl+Shift+”Copies value from cell above.
Ctrl+-Deletes the selected column or
Ctrl+Shift+=Inserts a new column or row.
Ctrl+Shift+~Switches between showing Excel
formulas or their values in cells.
Ctrl+Shift+@Applies time formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+!Applies comma formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+$Applies currency formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+#Applies date formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+%Applies percentage formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+^Applies exponential formatting.
Ctrl+Shift+*Selects the current region around the active cell.
Ctrl+Shift+&Places border around selected
Ctrl+Shift+_Removes a border.
Ctrl+Shift+(Unhide rows.
Ctrl+Shift+)Unhide columns.
Ctrl+/Selects the array containing the
active cell.
Ctrl+Selects the cells that have a static value or don’t
match the formula in the active cell.
Ctrl+[Selects all cells referenced by
formulas in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+]Selects cells that contain formulas that reference the
active cell.
Ctrl+Shift+{Selects all cells directly or
indirectly referenced by formulas in the highlighted section.
Ctrl+Shift+}Selects cells which contain formulas that directly or
indirectly reference the active cell.
Selects the cells within a column
that don’t match the formula or static value in the active cell.
Ctrl+EnterFills the selected cells with the current entry.
Ctrl+SpacebarSelects the entire column.
Ctrl+Shift+SpacebarSelects the entire worksheet.
Ctrl+HomeMove to cell A1.
Ctrl+EndMove to last cell on worksheet.
Ctrl+TabMove between Two or more open
Excel files.
Ctrl+Shift+TabActivates the previous workbook.
Ctrl+Shift+AInserts argument names into a
Ctrl+Shift+FOpens the drop-down menu for fonts.
Ctrl+Shift+OSelects all of the cells that
contain comments.
Ctrl+Shift+POpens the drop-down
menu for point size.
Shift+InsertPastes what is stored on the
Shift+Page UpIn a single column, highlights all cells above that which are selected.
In a single column, highlights all cells
above that which are selected.
Shift+HomeHighlights all text to the left of the cursor.
Shift+EndHighlights all text to the right
of the cursor.
Shift+Up ArrowExtends the highlighted area up one cell.
Extends the highlighted area down
one cell.
Shift+Left ArrowExtends the highlighted area left one character.
Shift +Right
Extends the highlighted area
right one character.
Alt+TabCycles through applications.
Alt+SpacebarOpens the system menu.
Alt+EnterWhile typing text in a cell,
pressing Alt+Enter will move to the next line, allowing for multiple lines of
text in one cell.
Alt+=Creates a formula to sum all of the above cells.
Alt+’Allows formatting on a dialog
F1Opens the Help menu.
F2Edits the selected cell.
F3After a name has been created, F3
will paste names.
F4Repeats last action. For example, if you changed the color of text in another cell, pressing
F4 will change the text in 
cell to the same color.
F5Goes to a specific cell. For example, C6.
F6Move to the next pane.
F7Spell check selected text or document.
F8Enters Extend Mode.
F9Recalculates every workbook.
F10Activates the menu bar.
F11Creates a chart from selected data.
F12Save as.
Shift+F1Opens the “What’s This?” window.
Shift+F2Allows the user to edit a cell
Shift+F3Opens the Excel formula window.
Shift+F5Brings up a search box.
Shift+F6Move to previous pane.
Shift+F8Add to selection.
Shift+F9Performs calculate function on activesheet.
Ctrl+F3Open Excel Name Manager.
Ctrl+F4Closes current Window.
Ctrl+F5Restores window size.
Ctrl+F6Next workbook.
Ctrl+Shift+F6Previous workbook.
Ctrl+F7Moves the window.
Ctrl+F8Resizes the window.
Ctrl+F9Minimize current window.
Ctrl+F10Maximize currently selected
Ctrl+F11Inserts a macro sheet.
Ctrl+F12Opens a file.
Ctrl+Shift+F3Creates names by using those of either row or column
Ctrl+Shift+F6Moves to the previous worksheet
Ctrl+Shift+F12Prints the current worksheet.
Alt+F1Inserts a chart.
Alt+F2Save as.
Alt+F4Exits Excel.
Alt+F8Opens the macro dialog box.
Alt+F11Opens the Visual Basic editor.
Alt+Shift+F1Creates a new worksheet.
Alt+Shift+F2Saves the
current worksheet.


ms excel short keys

Features and specifications of oppo Reno 10x zoom

We all know that OPPO is smartphone brand which is established on 10 october 2004 in DONGGUAN,CHINA.The smartphone brand is incredibly successful thanks to its range of budget or midrange smartphones.
Now Oppo is successfully launched the RENO series in India, so i wanting to share the post, which is includes its features and most reliable thing in the RENO series.
So now starting the topic,

Oppo is camera focused smartphone it features a 6.4`AMOLED screen with full HD+ resolution and almost no bezels around it.It has slide swing popup camera which opens in 0.8seconds.
RENO 10x Zoom is seeing the world from completely new prespectives, The technology behind RENO 10x ZOOM elevates best photography and mobile entertainment in full hd.


Brand – OPPO
Operating system – Android V9.0 (PIE)
Custom UI – colorOS
Sim Slots – Dual sim card, (GSM+GSM).Dual VoLTE
Size of Sim – SIM1: Nano
SIM2: Nano(Hybrid)
Network – 4G available (Supports Indian bands)
3G Available ,2G Available
Fingerprint Sensor – AVAILABLE
Quick Charging – YES


Screen Size – 6.6 Inches(16.76cm)
Screen Resolution – 1080 x 2340 Pixels
Bezel-Less Display – YES
Aspect Ratio – 19:5:9
Pixel Density – 390 pixels per inch
Display Type –
Screen Protection – Corning Gorilla Glass V6
Touch Screen – Capacitive Touch screen, Multi Touch
Screen to Body Ratio – 93.1%


Height – 167 MM(16.7CM)
Width – 77.2 MM(7.72CM)
Thickness – 9.3 MM
Weight – 215 Grams
Colours – Ocean Grean /Jet Black


Resolution – 48MP+ 13MP + 8MP Triple Primary Cameras
Auto Focus – YES, Phase detection autofocus, Continous
Autofocus, Laserly Autofocus.
Sensor – EXMOR-RS CMOS Sensor
Physical Aprature – F1.7
Optical Image
Stablization – YES
Flash – DUAL LED Flash
Image Resolution – 8000 x 6000 PIXELS
Settings – Exposure Compensation or ISO Control
Shooting Modes – Continous shooting
High Dynamic Range(HDR) Mode
Burst Mode
Camera Features – 60x Digital Zoom
10x Optical Zoom
Auto Flash
Face Detection
Touch to Focus
Video Recording – 3840 x 2160 @ 60 FPS(Frames Per Second)
1920 x 1080 @ 30 FPS
1280 x 720 @ 480 FPS


Resolution – 16 MP Front Camera
Auto Focus – YES
Sensor – CMOS
Physical Aperture – F2.0
Flash – Soft Light Flash
Video Recording – 1920 x 1080 @ 30 FPS

Chipset – Qualcomm Snapdragon 855
Architecture – 64 BIT
Processor – Octa Core(2.84 GHz,Single core,Kryo 485 +
2.42 Ghz,Quad core, Kryo 485)
Graphics – Adreno 640
RAM – 6 GB ,8 GB


Internal Memory – 128 GB
Expandable Memory – Up to 256 GB
USB OTG support – YES


Capacity – *4065 MAH
Type – LI-ION
User Replaceable – NO
Quick Charging – YES-VOOC,V3.0

Sim Size – SIM1:Nano Sim
SIM2:Nano (Hybrid)
Network Support – 4G LTE (Supports Indian Bands)
3G (H/H+), 2G(EDGE)
4G Bands – TD-LTE 2600(Band
FD-LTE 2100(Band1)/ 1800(Band 3)
3G Bands – UMTS 1900/2100/850/900MHz
2G Bands – GSM 1800/1900/850/900MHz
GPRS – Available
EDGE – Available
WIFI – Wi-fi 802.11,a,ac,b,g,n
WI-FI Features – Mobile Hotspot
Bluetooth – V5.0
USB CONNECTIVITY – Mass Storage device
USB Charging
USB C type – YES(But Doesn`t support micro)

Loudspeaker – Yes
Audio jack – USB TYPE-C
AUDIO features – DOlBY ATMOS

Fingerprint Sensor – On-Screen
Other Sensors – Light Sensor
Proximity Sensor



6GB RAM + 128 GB= 35,990 Rupees (Expected)
8GB RAM + 256 GB= 49,990 Rupees (Expected)


Features of 5G technology

Hello guys, Today i am telling you about 5G technology,We know that the 4G technology is brought revolution the revolution in the world.it makes our all works fastely. and it is very helpful because it saves our time in working. Similarly 5G technology is brought latest features. Fifth-generation wireless (5G) is the latest iteration of cellular technology, engineered to greatly increase the speed and responsiveness of wireless networks. 5gtuetotechni What is 5G Technology?

How to download Youtube Vanced 14.10.53 on android phone

Hello guys today i am telling you all about Youtube vanced, We know that,every person uses the youtube for upgrade their knowledge because youtube gives us all about we want to know with vidoes, like educational field,technical field,health,entertainment etc. so youtube is very usefull for us one billion hours of YouTube content are watched per day. YouTube attracts about 1/3 of users on the internet.YouTube originally offered videos at only one quality level, displayed at a resolution of 320×240 pixels.

So let us consider on the topic(Youtube vanced),

We face a problem on youtube that is ads in videos and songs. it is a main issue or we also not able to run youtube in background, so many developers launched a apk named Youtube vanced, from this apk we can play songs,videos in background in pip mode it has own ratio and we can see video without any break of ads. but it has a problem that is we can`t sign in our google account for subscribe because it contains a extra application named MicroG apk. so now we shall not face any problem in our entertainment.


Features of Vanced youtube apk.

Youtube Vanced is an amazing youtube app alternative, providing nifty features for the users such as followings

  1. We can listen the music in background even we can use in minimize,The music is played in same manner as a music player in our device.
  2. We can use any kind of application during youtube vanced, This method is known as PIP MODE(Picture in picture mode).We can do many works at same time.
  3. Main feature of vanced is ad blocking,it is very usefull for us because we can see videos without any delay or pause during ad. It saves our time.
  4. We can use override maximum solution.
  5. Default video resolution can be set on mobile and wifi this option, video will play again.
  6. We can select various themes in youtube vanced.
  7. Theme colour consists Black,White,Dark, We can select as per our choice.
  8. Force VP9 or HDR or vice versa.

Version Information;


How To Install Youtube Vanced on Android.

There are steps of installing youtube vanced application in your android, steps is very easy you must follow them and easily install youtube vanced apk in your phone.So steps are given in following lines. This is available in three colours.

  1. Firstly download the application from this icon(For Dark colour)
                                            2. From this link  (FOR BLACK COLOUR) 

                                            3. From this Pink icon  (FOR PINK COLOUR

  NOTE:- You should allowed unknown sources or allow from this source option to install Application.



How to create a playlist in youtube

Hello friends,

Today`s generation use internet mostly, they spend his own many time on youtube.

So today i want to tell you that, how we can create or manage a playlist in youtube,we want to create a playlist in youtube because we can easily find our videos with their categories.

A playlist is a collection of videos on youtube, any body can create and share their own playlist for easily find the videos on youtube.

So let us consider on the steps to create a Youtube playlist .

For Create a Playlist on desktop.

There are many steps to create a video,you can follow under-given steps and red arrows for easily create your playlist-

  1.  Start a video which you want to add in playlist.

Under the video, click Add to icon 3. Now you can select Watch later, Favorites, or a playlist you’ve already created, or click Create new playlist.

If you create a new playlist, enter a playlist name.

4. Now use the drop down box to select your playlist’s privacy settings,If it’s private, only you can view the playlist, and also apply for public view.

5. Now Click Create.

6. Then If you want to  find your playlists, go to the Guide  and click Library ,you can see your playlists there.

Note– Above steps is only for desktop,laptops.

For Android-

You can follow under-given steps for create a playlist in android

  1. Start a video you want to add in  playlist
  2. Now Tap on  the Save icon   below the video to automatically save it to the last playlist you’ve saved to, or to your Watch Later playlist. A message will pop up at the bottom of your screen confirming which playlist the video was added to in the playlist.
  3. If you want to change where your video is saved, tap to Change on the pop up. Select from the list of your playlists where your video should be saved.
  4. Go to the Library tab  to view all of your playlists.

For iphone & ipad

You can follow under-given steps for create a playlist in iPhone or iPad

  1. Start a video you want to add in  playlist
  2. Now tap to the Save icon  below the video to automatically save it to the last playlist you’ve saved to, or to your Watch Later playlist. A message will pop up at the bottom of your screen confirming which playlist the video was added to.
  3. To change where your video is saved, tap Change on the pop up. Select from the list of your playlists where your video should be saved.
  4. Go to the Library tab  to view all of your playlists.


Two cycles on the stand

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